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At THK, everyone is a participant. This page documents the volunteer teams you may join to help things run smoothly. Go to the Infopoint to add yourself to a team for the day, or a given shift of two hours.


One person must empty and clean the compost bucket after each meal. The compost bin can be found in the green disposal area East of the House in front of the greenhouse.


A team of four must setup and cleanup the eating room before and after each meal.


Le Goutailloux is equiped with a professional dishwasher. A team of four will setup a rinsing system before each meal. Outside of the kitchen, pre-rinsing basins will collect used dishes, and the team will be responsible to fill and empty the dishwasher.


A team of two will regularly check and empty all trash cans on the site, including in the kitchen and in the toilets, as well as pick up any trash that might have been dumped on the ground. This garbage will be disposed of into the large bin along the road in front of the farm.


Two teams of two (one on the campsite, the other one at the House) will regularly refill the dry toilets with sawdust and toilet paper. The toilet bins will be emptied in the pallox behing the wood workshop. The toilet seat will be cleaned with an appropriate product made to this effect.


Teams of two will take 2 hour shifts at the bar during lunch and in the evening.


At least one person will take a two hour shift at the entrance, along with a local referrent from Tarnac, to welcome people, explain on-site processes, distribute cutlery and the welcome booklet, keep track of volunteer team planning during camp and respond to any question visitors may have.


Twice a day according to train schedules, as well as on-demand, shuttle drivers will pick up people from the train station in Bugeat or Limoges to bring them to camp, or back to the train.


Cooks will require help (to be defined).


One person should ensure the House is kept clean.


Two people will be on call to reinforce other teams momentarily.


Around six people should be tasked with conflict resolution and emotional support. They are supposed to protect and care for vulnerable people. If someone feels uncomfortable at the event, they can always talk to the Awareness Team and find support.

Awareness is not only the responsibility of the Awareness Team. Everyone on the camp should take care for the other people, this can't be offloaded to the Awareness Team. The Awareness Team should ask everyone at the assembly to respect each others boundaries and reflect on their actions and appearance.

Before the event, some people who have the trust of marginalized folks should be asked if they want to form an Awareness Team. Others can of course volunteer, but the Awareness Team can decide who they want to take in. At other events, abusers tried to get into the Awareness Team, so they can easier get away with their abuse.

The Awareness Team should follow some principles, so people can trust them. If someone seeks the help of the Awareness Team, they should:

  • Listen to them
    • Take some time. Emotional hazards can be more important than the event.
  • Believe them
    • The Awareness Team is no police, and it's not their job to find out the truth.
  • Protect their privacy
    • No, the assembly does not need to know everything that happened.
    • If the person doesn't trust someone else in the Awareness Team, they neither have to know.
  • Do only what the person wants
    • Sometimes people don't want that a somebody who hurt them is expelled from the event. This is especially valid for abusive relationships.
    • If someone approaches the Awareness Team, they often just had their agency taken away from them. Don't disrespect their wants a second time.
    • If people can't trust the Awareness Team to do what they want, they will not come to the Awareness Team and end up without support in a specifically fucked up situation.

The Awareness Team should have a mobile phone, so people can reach them when they are not around (e.g. at night). Most people who need the Awareness Team don't want anyone else to know that either, and don't want to approach the Awareness Team in public. **The camp orga should provide a mobile phone and a throw-away SIM card for this**. If people need to talk to the Awareness Team after the event, about something which happened there, the phone should also be reachable - so maybe someone can take care of the phone for another week.

It is very effective to organize the Awareness Team in shifts. From one meal to the next, 2 different people should specifically say at the public meal, that they are "on duty" now. They also get the phone. Everyone else can then relax a bit, but please don't refuse someone who needs help and specifically wants to talk to you.

  • Repeating at every meal that there is an Awareness Team is also reminding everyone that they should respect each other, too.

On every day's assembly, the Awareness Team should briefly summarize what they are here for, so newcomers know who they can turn to. This summary should also put into the booklet.

The Awareness Team is no police. On transhack, there are not tickets, no security staff, there is no monopoly of violence (and there should not be). If the Awareness Team decides that they need to take out a dangerous person, then they have to do it by themselves - and with the support of anyone who agrees to help them. Others in the camp may disagree and even organize resistance. This has to be taken into account.

The opinions about a Code of Conduct differ. They are useful so people can decide if they will feel comfortable, before they go to an event. But without a monopoly of violence, they are also not a "law", which could be enforced somehow. If the orga decides to make a CoC, they should take this into account.


Parents who want to organize kids activities can self-organize and advertise at the Infopoint.


The camp will end on August 13th. From the 13th to 15th, fifteen people will be needed to tear down temporary infrastructure and site cleanup.