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Trans Cultural Hack Meeting

Fiki the cybersexy trans-hack-wiki!

  • trans - not just one thing, binaries are suitable only for our machines
  • cultural - because difference makes the union
  • hack - cause we love to break our stuff
  • meeting - we need to meet and hack stuff together




Map Area


See FullScreen on OSM


We don't need to know who you are, only how many :)

Everyone is a volunteer.

Car pooling / Caravanas

We created a page to share the requests/offers of carpooling/caravanas to reach the THK

Coming by train or other transport


The program (work in progress) of the THK!

hey, If you want to create a new page you can simply edit an existing one and link to it using square brackets, login works with as user 'anonima'

Build Up