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TITLE Smartification
AUTHOR meskio
DAY: day1 - h18:00
NEEDS: projector will be nice, but mostly people, smart people
LANGUAGE: English or spanish, depending on the audience

Smart phones, smart cities, smart jobs, smart economy, smart society, ...

The screen is starting to replace face to face communication, we socially accept the person we are talking to looking the phone instead of us. The cities are full of sensors to be 'smarter', more 'efficient' and making its citizens adapt to this new environment. Jobs like Deliveroo or Amazon warehouses are guided by machines that measure every step and punish you if you leave your predefined path. Full societies (like some parts of china) are starting to rate how good a citizen you are by looking at your shopping, online activity and your relations with other people, bringing the 'credit score' to its maximum.

How do we see the future? Are we living in a black mirror episode? Do we need to bring back the Luddism and confront the technological progress? Can we reappropriate this technologies to make a better society? Or are we just grumpy people that don't understand the future of society?