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Write here an unordered list of talk that someone desire:

_ I would like that someone tell 2 words about the 1 of october in catalounia and the censorship that they lived. Minimal info in video of catalan television: [1]

_ I would like some meta.hackmeeting talk.. explaining one with the others how HM is organized in the different lands.

_ I would like a talk about basic of criptograpy that explain the matematical base of the cript algorithms: -shared secret, - blind sign, - zero knowledge,

_ ARDOUR workshop [2] << don't have much experience with using it for audio editing, but can do a workshop on how to use it for live radio stuff for example

_ Would love to download all the generated resources in a pack. Like the nodes documentation and such things, so I can reproduce and explain to others.

_ May be we could talk about free seed licenses with a share alike attribution to ensure our new seeds will be free forever.