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Why watching videos ?

Transhackmeeting is not only about talks, nodes and assembly, we can also have time to share interesting video we think we want to see.

This include Documentary or real Movies we think worth to watch Let's give us the opportunity to share which video we would like to see during the THK!

Video what is about
The Fifth Estate (2013) Wikileaks and Assange story
Who am I (2014) German fightclubstyle hacker movie
TPB: Away from Keyboard 3 hackers a website some torrent and a big problem
Nirvana (1997) (Italian Hacker Movie)
Anon (2018) Netflix distopyc privacy movie not completely a shitting movie
WarGames (1983) the only way to win is not playing
Hackers (1995) you think you are smart kidd?
The Matrix (1999) The spoon doesn't exists
21st century Hackers (2018) interesting overview of the situation of cybersecurity