State mandated censorship

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TITLE State-mandated censorship on Internet Access Providers
AUTHOR taziden
DAY: Day1 at 10h
NEEDS: projector would be nice, or any board to write/draw onto
LANGUAGE: English or spanish, depending on the audience

In September 2017, two french local Indymedias were asked by police to remove some content, threatening to ask french ISPs to block the access of their whole websites if they wouldn't comply.

One local Indymedia did as the police ask, the other refused. This led to some interesting debate[1].

But, what is exactly the landscape in which this censorship takes place in France ? What is the legal framework ? What are the websites already blocked ? What are the technical measures put in place by ISPs ? Which ISPs are concerned. I can answer these questions, describe how this works, how we have been and are still fighting against this censorship, at many level, including the legal, technical and ISP ones.

This can as much be a talk about what's going on in France (that I know), as a more broad discussion about what's going on in Europe (that I'd love to know). Thk would be the ideal place to share knowledge on this matter, document it, and why not organize collectively afterwards.