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TITLE FuckOffGoogle
AUTHOR Larry Pageblank
LANGUAGE French, English, Spanish
DURATION 15-90min

From our 'hoodz to the World, fighting the colonial data-empire in a joyful, diverse and decentralized way!

(an open discussion for sharing tactical input and output)

How a local fight anchored in the defense of the most vulnerable populations, the fight against gentrification and the increase of rents can resonate with a global message against surveillance capitalism and all the evil Google stands for in this world.

How the inhabitants of Kreuzberg (Berlin) in a lose, informal network, grounded in a street corner (site of a planned "Google campus") meet, organize, celebrate, invent and dream together. How this energy transforms into an elaborate and rather radical critique of techno-totalitarism, synbolized by Google doing evil in a centralized centralized way all over the World.

How a joyful fight, led mostly offline, can give hope in a strong inter-connection of movements and centers of resistance, empowering narratives and ethical perspectives for future organization of our lives and spaces.

First Kreuzberg, then the World! Fuck off Google and its world!