Experinces and needs of a feminist revolution: Rojava

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Rojava: a feminist revolution

TITLE: Experinces and needs of a feminist revolution: Rojava


DAY: 1

NEEDS: Projector (with sound)





There is a revolution ongoing in northern Syria, where the Kurdish Liberation Movement helped to create an autonomous zone outside the Nation-State and capitalism system. Based on ideas of liberation of women, social ecology and direct democracy among people organized in communes, the revolution of Rojava is proposing new ways of think and organize the society.

After one year working in Rojava, I will share experiences about the situation there, looking at this revolution from different perspectives. We will put special focus on the women movement and the different initiatives they are developing, also in the ecological project that we started and the campaign 'Make Rojava Green Again'. We will also discuss about problems and needs Rojava is facing in relation with technology, sharing some initiatives and projects ongoing. And we will also some time for questions and debate.