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Draw me how you see insecure communication? Then draw me how you see a "perfectly" secure communication? (even if it does not exist)

For almost a year I've been collecting drawings from hackers and activists around the world, about how they see/feel "insecurity" and visualize "adversaries", and also how they imagine a "perfectly" secure ecosystem. Now I have 80+ drawings.

Please join the workshop -- we will share our most dystopian/utopian visions of internets, comment on each others' drawings, look at my collection of drawings from around the world and more...

Draw the Internets you want to see in this world!

workshop run by Xenia, Russian-born anarchist now in exile, researcher currently based at the Citizen Lab, one of the TransCyberian founders.

jabber: xeniax@magicbroccoli.de IRC/matrix: xeniax:matrix.org