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From France

From Saint-Flour

Tek is coming through Saint-Flour / Ussel by car on the 7th, ping me on the list if it can help someone

From Limoges

Are you passing by limoges or arriving there and need a lift? When?

From Paris

I'm looking for a seat from Paris (2 would be nice as a friend of mine is also interested). I can drive. lateralus (pierrell at gmx dot com)

From Spain


  • se busca una caravana de 4 desde Barcelona / Hospitalet


  • 1 persona busca desde Zumaia (Euskal Herriaren)


  • 2 personas buscan desde Madrid (Quasipodo + otra)

From Italy

dovrebbe esserci un furgone che sale da bologna, possiamo organizzare un gathering point da qualche parte nel nord italia; più una macchina, entrambi pieni: circa 12 persone..


  • 1 person is looking for a seat. can drive cars
  • I've 2 free seats in the car from Italy. Methane. I can make little detours if someone needs a ride. I'll leave Italy the tuesday 7, in the early morning.


  • Gio: I am looking for a seat, I'll be in Rome most probably since 6 August, and can move to other places too, I can drive cars.

From Switzerland


  • 1 place left: departure 9th (late) or 10th (early) / return 14th (flexible) (contact via ML)