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= Arrival =
= Arrivals =
== From France ==
== From France ==
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* TG: 2 places from Amsterdam
* TG: 2 places from Amsterdam
= Departure =
= Departures =
== To Germany ==
== To Germany ==
* TG: 2 places to Harz via Freiburg
* TG: 2 places to Harz via Freiburg

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From France

From Saint-Flour

Tek is coming through Saint-Flour / Ussel by car on the 7th, ping me on the list if it can help someone

From Limoges

Molly is arriving at the Limoges train station at 11am on friday the 10th and needs a lift. > mollymcgorn@protonmail.com

From Toulouse

Pauletta is leaving from Toulouse Compans Cafarelli at 10am on friday the 10th if someone needs a lift. ( paulinegadea - at - gmail dot com )

From Paris

I'm looking for a seat from Paris (2 would be nice as a friend of mine is also interested). I can drive. lateralus (pierrell at gmx dot com)

From Spain


  • se busca una caravana de 4 desde Barcelona / Hospitalet



  • 1 persona busca desde Zumaia (Euskal Herriaren)



  • 2 personas buscan desde Madrid (Quasipodo + otra)


From Italy

dovrebbe esserci un furgone che sale da bologna, possiamo organizzare un gathering point da qualche parte nel nord italia; più una macchina, entrambi pieni: circa 12 persone..


  • 1 person is looking for a seat. can drive cars
  • I've 2 free seats in the car. Methane. I can make little detours if someone needs a ride. I'll leave Italy wednesday 8 in the evening (Modena-Turin-Grenoble-..).


  • Gio: I am looking for a seat, I'll be in Rome most probably since 6 August, and can move to other places too, I can drive cars.

From Switzerland


  • 1 place left: departure 9th (late) or 10th (early) / return 14th (flexible) (contact via ML)

From Netherlands

  • TG: 2 places from Amsterdam


To Germany

  • TG: 2 places to Harz via Freiburg