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Call For Nodes

We noticed this last days the calls to topple the regime launched
from persons hidden behind their keyboards

We tell them if you want to topple the regime face us directly in
the street, I dare you to come down to the streets, but you will not
come, since you have forgotten what happened ...  This reigme will
not be toppled by keyboards and whatsapp

This is in your dreams, we didn't come trought the internet, we came
through blood!

   -- El Bechir president of Kasala (2013)
   announce on televisionto the movement against the coup
   and its attempts at getting organised through the Internet 

Think * (R)esist * Organize

We recognise that no infrastructure can be fully autonomous, since autonomy is relative to context. Discussing autonomous infrastructures would they be digital or not, engages us to acknowledge their context of existence and think our relation to it. This transhackmeeting will take place in a context of resistance where we can imagine the decolonisation of technologies. We want to address this situation both from our situation in Europe and in Tarnac, as well as from the production of technologies. The transhackmeeting is self-organized, we imagine that all person present reflects on hacking practice and production.

Propose a node

To propose a node for the THK you can use this template:

     TITLE:       [NODE] short desc title
     AUTHOR:      Your nick / identity
     DAY:         When you prefer to do the talk (optional)
     NEEDS:       Projector, table, pen, keyboards, humans, ...
     DESCRIPTION: Try to define what will you talk about 
and send us an email to the ML:

 thk AT autistici DOT org 

we will reply to you by email with more detail about your node proposal.