Trans Hackmeeting

Since many years in several european countries the mix of hacking and politics has produced several gatherings and local spaces to esxpress contents and share ideas (ex. hackON, Noise^2, Backbone, Italian and Iberian hackmeeting)

We think it would be great to bring the grassroot spirit and the critical view that drove these experience to a bigger level, as it happen many years ago now in Pula (Croatia).

We are proposing to whoever shares our self-managed non instituzional grassroot approach to subscribe to the THK mailinglist and try to create an european gathering on hacking and politics, to share experience and ideas without being force sithin political nor linguistic borders.

  • wiki: FIKI the cybersexy trans hack wiki!
  • list: THK mailinglist

  • A big thanks to those who inspire us
  • Femhack - The blog of femhackmeeting
  • Hackon - Amsterdam volunteer hacker event
  • Hackmeeting EspaƱa Spanish hackmeeting
  • Hackmeeting Italy Italian hackmeeting
  • Calafou post industrial revolutionary utopian reality