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|'''RECORDING'''|[https://www.arkiwi.org/path64/aGFja21lZXRpbmcvVHJhbnNoYWNrbWVldGluZ18yMDE4LzIwMTgwODExX1RpY2tldGZyZWkub2dn/html AUDIO RECORDED]
|'''RECORDING'''||[https://www.arkiwi.org/path64/aGFja21lZXRpbmcvVHJhbnNoYWNrbWVldGluZ18yMDE4LzIwMTgwODExX1RpY2tldGZyZWkub2dn/html AUDIO RECORDED]

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TITLE Ticketfrei - how can Sousveillance help with fighting for free public transport?
AUTHOR b3yond
DAY: saturday (leaving on sunday)
NEEDS: projector

Free Trains, Tram, and Busses, open for everyone, are a fascinating idea. If public transport was 100% financed by the public, ticket controllers could finally lose their jobs. But until then, we have to fear the controllers. If we only knew, when and where they are controlling tickets, we could save a lot of money.

With Ticketfrei bots, a whole city can warn each other, when controls are happening. Sousveil the surveillers, and fight for your infrastructure.

This workshop is about the political goals, how you can contribute to Ticketfrei, how you can get Ticketfrei to your city, and about Sousveillance as a form of political activism. Because infrastructure is political and we should fight for it.